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factoryReset() - Method in class io.flic.poiclib.FlicButton
Factory reset.
FlicButton - Class in io.flic.poiclib
Represents a Flic button.
FlicButtonAdapter - Class in io.flic.poiclib
Adapter class for the FlicButtonListener interface.
FlicButtonAdapter() - Constructor for class io.flic.poiclib.FlicButtonAdapter
FlicButtonListener - Interface in io.flic.poiclib
FlicButton event listener.
FlicButtonMode - Class in io.flic.poiclib
FlicButtonMode() - Constructor for class io.flic.poiclib.FlicButtonMode
FlicDisconnectError - Class in io.flic.poiclib
Disconnect errors
FlicManager - Class in io.flic.poiclib
Flic button manager.
FlicManagerAdapter - Class in io.flic.poiclib
Adapter class for the FlicManagerListener interface.
FlicManagerAdapter() - Constructor for class io.flic.poiclib.FlicManagerAdapter
FlicManagerListener - Interface in io.flic.poiclib
FlicManager event listener.
FlicScanWizard - Class in io.flic.poiclib
FlicScanWizard is a utility class for scanning and connecting a new button.
FlicScanWizard.Callback - Class in io.flic.poiclib
FlicScanWizard Callback.
FlicScanWizard.Callback() - Constructor for class io.flic.poiclib.FlicScanWizard.Callback
FlicScanWizard.ErrorCode - Class in io.flic.poiclib
Error code for FlicScanWizard failed event.
forgetButton(FlicButton) - Method in class io.flic.poiclib.FlicManager
Forget a button.