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Stockholm, Sweden

Powered By Flic - Implementation Support


Shortcut Labs will provide your development team with personal implementation support for the Powered by Flic integration in your app. This is done in order to ensure a high quality implementation and to make the process fast and easy for you. Below you will find the suggested implementation support agenda.

1. Review documentation and tutorials

On this website you will find all the assets needed for you to start and finish the implementation. These assets are:

It is important that you review these assets and prepare questions before step 2) which is our implementation intro meeting.

2. Implementation intro meeting

Before you begin the implementation we will have an intro meeting together, where we will walk through the basics of PBF. We suggest that you review the assets mentioned in chapter 1 above before this meeting so that you have a rough idea of how PBF works. Reading this documentation will also spark questions that you are very welcome to bring up during this meeting.

Together we will schedule a suitable time for this intro meeting. Most probably we will meet remotely through a video conference call. If you are not able to participate in such an intro meeting, then we can handle the topics over email only.

The high level agenda for the intro meeting will be:

3. Continuous implementation support

After the intro meeting, you will have enough knowledge to work with your implementation. Shortcut Labs will be available for continuous implementation support while you are developing:

4. Quality assurance

Shortcut Labs can support you with QA activities such as:

Last updated: 2016-04-21