SCLFlicManagerBluetoothState Constants Reference

Declared in SCLFlicPoicManager.h


@enum SCLFlicManagerBluetoothState

These enums represents the different possible states that the manager can be in at any given time. The manager needs to be in the SCLFlicManagerBluetoothStatePoweredOn state in order for it to perform any kind of communication with a Flic/Poic.



This state is the desired state that is needed when communicating with a Flic/Poic.

Declared In SCLFlicPoicManager.h.


This state means that the manager is currently powered off and will not be able to perform any bluetooth related tasks. This will for example be the case when bluetooth is turned off on the iOS device.

Declared In SCLFlicPoicManager.h.


The manager is resetting and will most likely switch to the powered on state shortly.

Declared In SCLFlicPoicManager.h.


The manager was not able to turn on because the iOS device that it is currently running on does not support Bluetooth Low Energy.

Declared In SCLFlicPoicManager.h.


The manager was not able to turn on because the app is not authorized to to use Bluetooth Low Energy.

Declared In SCLFlicPoicManager.h.


The manager is in an unknown state, it will most likely change shortly.

Declared In SCLFlicPoicManager.h.

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